Notarize Your microFIT Program Documents Before the IESO 2017 Deadline

We have recently had several requests to notarize documents for contractors, consumers and other organizations applying to the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) microFIT renewable energy program.

Here we lay out what you need to know and how Downtown Notary can help you complete the application requirements before the deadline.

What is the microFIT Program?

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The microFIT Program supports the development of small renewable energy projects, including home and business solar panel installations. Program participants, such as home owners and others, are paid for the power they produce at a guaranteed rate. The Program aims to help them earn a return on their investment and contribute to a cleaner environment. 

What you need to know for your microFIT application  

For applicants to the microFIT program, there are some documents that must be taken to a Notary Public or Commissioner for Taking Affidavits. Downtown Notary can provide these services to help you submit your application quickly. The forms required by the IESO can be found here and include the Applicant Declaration, or Representative and Applicant Declaration Package.

The IESO will accept applications under the microFIT Program up to and including Thursday, December 28, 2017, or until the 150 MW procurement target is reached, whichever is earlier*. As of Friday November 24, 2017, the IESO’s bi-weekly microFIT report showed that 2 MW of the Program’s target were remaining.

To have your IESO documents notarized quickly and at a cost-effective price, call or book your appointment online now. 


* Source: IESO microFIT Program Update – November 14, 2017