All About Life Certificates

What is a life certificate?


If you live in Canada, but receive a pension from another country, you may be asked to submit a life certificate to maintain your entitlement to your pension or other benefits.

A life certificate is a document that confirms that a person is still alive and is entitled to qualify for benefits, most commonly pension payments. Life certificates are also called proof of life certificates, certificates of existence or certificates of living status.

Many countries require that pensioners who live in foreign countries complete a life certificate on a regular basis, including:

  • Spain: certificado de fe de vida

  • France: attestation d’existence

  • Germany: Lebensbescheinigung

  • Belgium: levensbewijs / certificat de vie

  • Sweden: lämna levnadsintyg

  • Switzerland and Austria: Lebensbestätigung

  • Italy: certificazione dell’esistenza in vita

  • Netherlands: levensbewijs formulier

  • Portugal: certificado Prova da Vida

How do I complete a life certificate?

Generally, a life certificate requires an official, such as a notary public, to verify that the person is still alive by meeting with them, confirming their identity by reviewing their identification and then signing the life certificate.

Different life certificates have different requirements. If you are not sure what the requirements are for your life certificate, we strongly recommend that you contact the government or organization who issued the certificate for assistance.

Can Downtown Notary help me with my life certificate?

Yes! If your life certificate requires a notary public, Downtown Notary can help you complete it. We also offer a 10% seniors discount. We can even arrange a house call to your location if you require.

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