Back to the Future: Why Notaries Have to Watch You Sign in Person

One of the things that we here at Downtown Notary HQ get asked a lot is: Does the notary really need to witness the person signing in person, or can it be done remotely? Isn't there an app that could be used instead? Couldn't the notary witness the person signing over Skype or FaceTime or some other wonder of the 21st century?

The answer to all of those questions is no. While the laws in some other jurisdictions permit notaries to do things like witness electronic signatures or conduct notarizations remotely, the law in Ontario requires that a notary witness signatures in person or inspect the physical copies of documents in order to complete any notarization.

Yes, we know that this is extremely old-fashioned and that Ontario needs to get with the times. The last time the Ontario Notaries Act was revised was in 2001, when electronic signatures and video calls were still years away.

So, what can you do when you want an easy and convenient way to get something notarized that won't take hours of time? Call Downtown Notary. Our flexible hours, convenient locations and quick and easy processes make getting something notarized simple and painless - even when it's done the old-fashioned way. Contact us for more information - we're here to help!

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