Meet the Notaries: Kristen Lai

Q. How did you end up working in law?

My undergraduate degree was in business and during my time in university I noticed that there were strong ties between the corporate and legal world. I decided to pursue a law degree after I graduated because of my interest in legal and corporate relationships. While in law school I ended up favouring constitutional law and civil litigation, and human rights. As a result, I worked with the Ministry of the Attorney general for a while and got to work on a ton of exciting cases where I felt I was making a difference in the public sector.

Q. Why did you become a notary?

I became a notary because I wanted to work closely with individuals and get to know them on a more personal basis.

Q. What's the best thing about being a notary?

The best thing about being a notary is being able to help people in a variety of different situations.

Q. Why do you work with Downtown Notary?

I work with Downtown Notary because I believe that the process of notarizing and commissioning documents doesn't have to be difficult, expensive, or inconvenient. So many clients are surprised by how easy and quick it is!