Meet the Notaries: Mario Delgado

Q.  How did you end up working in law?

I had been part of the debate team in high school and really enjoyed it in addition to having always had a passion for reading and writing so I went to law school and here I am.

Q. Why did you become a notary?

I thought it was an important service that is needed by the public and I thought as I lawyer I was in a position to provide it.

Q. What's the best thing about being a notary?

Having the chance to to out and about in the city and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air as I shuttle between appointments (except when it snows! or rains or there is a polar vortex!).

Q. Why do you work with Downtown Notary?

I love the flexible, hassle free mobile model. It makes my working day interesting and varied and adds value to our clients.