What to Expect at a Notary Appointment

Notary appointments: not as bad as dentist appointments, but not as fun as going to the movies.

We here at Downtown Notary understand that going to the notary isn't very high on most people's lists of things they look forward to.  That's why we make it our mission to make your appointment with us as quick, easy and painless as possible. 

This is what you can expect at a typical Downtown Notary Toronto appointment:

First, you'll meet with us.  Because most of our appointments take place at mobile locations, it's not always easy to identify who the notary is. We send our clients texts or emails, or call them, to let them know where we are sitting and what we look like so there is no guesswork.

Second, we check your identification and ask you to fill out a client verification form. As notaries public for the Province of Ontario we are legally obligated to verify our clients’ identities and retain certain information about them. We also have a professional and legal obligation to keep confidential all information we receive from our clients. We are committed to protecting any personal information we hold in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Third, we execute the document. This is a fancy way of saying, we do what needs to be done.  If it's a certified true copy, we compare the original to the photocopy, and once we are satisfied that the copy is true, we sign and seal it.  If it's an affidavit or statutory declaration, we ask you to swear and sign it, then we sign and seal it.

Finally, once the document is executed, we complete the transaction and issue you an electronic receipt via email.  We guarantee our work, so if any problems with our signatures are discovered after the appointment, we fix the errors for you.

Pretty simple.  And the best part? An average appointment takes less than 10 minutes, which means you can get back to the more fun things in life.

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